efinement and Elegance in an astonishing atmosphere of solemnity and casual friendship...


  he Ducal Order of the Cross of Burgundy which is managed by a Grand Council under the authority of the Constable organizes events under the name of “Audienceries” on an annual basis, during which, through a flamboyant ceremony, pursuants who have successfully gone through the knighting procedure are dubbed knights of the Order. They receive the prestigious blue and red collar (the colours of Burgundy) holding a cross of Saint Andrew, patron Saint of Burgundy, following a specific ritual inspired by medieval chivalry, and the ceremony is followed by a gala dinner, in which culture and gastronomy blend together harmoniously in an unforgettable setting and atmosphere.

     he Ducal Order of the Cross of Burgundy which belongs to the sphere of brotherhoods features a distinct cultural aspect during its venues which are also always extremely convivial. During the knighting ceremonies the knighting speeches are highly personalised, with lots of humour for the greatest pleasure of the pursuants and the audience. This original contribution to the fame of Burgundy bears its fruits outside its borders through the “bailliages” ( bailiffships) or seneschalries in foreign countries.

      prestige decorum to celebrate the event...

  articipating in the events of the Ducal Order of the Cross of Burgundy is a unique opportunity as well as an original idea to ...

  • welcome gastronomers and wine lovers,
  • surprise friends whose knighting speech will teasingly and in a friendly spirit reveal their hobbies and habbits for their greatest pleasure,
  • close in a relaxed and friendly way a convention, business meeting or a seminar,
  • engrave in a historic way the memory of a stop in the land of the Valois dukes,
  • enjoy an exceptional evening with a blend of culture and gastronomy as you stay in Burgundy.

      ny person can join the Order through sponsorship and cooptation provided he ( she) is desirous to discover Burgundy more in depth and guarantees he (she) will do the utmost to promote it in a spirit of humanism and courtesy befitting medieval chivalry and its code of honour.

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