he Grand Council is the governing body of the Ducal Order of the Cross of Burgundy, also in charge of its current affairs. Its members have titles which either were in use in medieval chivalry or are derived from it. The Grand Council members have a collegial action under the authority of the Connétable (Constable).

  hree constables have been in charge up to now at the head of the Grand Council, that is Colonel André Gosse, André Guillaume, and Michel Sauze, presently in charge.

Michel Sauze, constable of the Order

Michel Sauze, Constable, presently in charge

  mong the founders of the Order one can also mention Charles Quittanson, oenologist, agro food engineer, Inspector General of the French Bureau for competition policy, consumer affairs and fraud control, as well as Robert Furter cultural Attaché at the Dijon tourist office.

  he representation of the Ducal Order of the Cross of Burgundy outside of Burgundy is ensured individually by its various members who are as many permanent ambassadors, as well as bailliages (baliwicks), or seneschalleries in foreign countries, which are organic entities reporting to the Grand Council with whom they operate in close cooperation for the organisation of events specific to their geographic areas. Each of those representative structures is placed under the authority of a seneschal or a bailiff.


The members of the Grand Council in 2018