he Ducal Order of the Cross of Burgundy organizes throughout the year various “audienceries” during which the pursuants who have been sponsored by a knight with full capacities and have successfully gone through the knighting procedure are dubbed “Chevalier le Duc” or are promoted to higher ranks in the Order. The knighting ceremonies take place according to a specific ritual which takes its roots into medieval chivalry and during which the Ménestrandise des Ducs ensures the musical side, playing anonymous medieval musical pieces while the highly personalised knighting speeches may range from the most solemn and deferent dithyramb which may, however, be courteously humorous, to a pleasant teasing that is always in good taste.


  The collar that the new knights receive is a ribbon with the blue and red colours which are those of the House of Burgundy, holding an X shaped cross with branches of rough wood above a hanging ewe, as all these symbols are reminiscent of the Valois dukes of Burgundy.




Excursions and Outings


  he Ducal Order also organizes for its members various excursions and outings on historical or wine related themes, or more generally cultural themes which are always related to Burgundy, be it from the past or present. Those trips which are always very convivial over one or several days are a truly unique opportunity for those who participate, to deepen their knowledge in a relaxed, warm and very friendly atmosphere. Such excursions sometimes include “audienceries” which are held in historical or prestigious premises or sites.





  he Ducal Order also organizes lectures, especially on historical, gastronomic or wine related topics as well as various subjects related to Burgundy. Those lectures are often linked to practical work sessions, whether commented tastings of specific products or the active role playing of the participants in the practical implementation of any topic chosen as the guideline of the event.